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I always get excited in a new city, camera in hand with a few hours of daylight left. Instinctively I head for the river or some industrial back streets, places where local people later tell me I shouldn't have gone. On Wednesday the light was good, slanting spring sunshine, cutting sharp shadows. This time I became mindful of what I was automatically shooting - it is probably a process I always go through in unfamiliar territory - first the cityscape, the architecture, the patterns on concrete and brick and the light, always the light.

You get a feel for a place by looking intently - the layers of history and imagine the people that have gone before. Then back to the present, it is going home time for city workers and the busy end of day catch up.Now I know where I am, its time to get more adventurous and its time to get some people shots - who are they, where are they going?

Leisure time impedes on work time, a moment of recreation before the night comes.
Layers of time all existing in the moment.

A man hands out the evening news, another late post.