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Photography, time and memory

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Without wishing to stray into the territory of photographic theory I would just like to make a few personal observations and I think these are simply the reasons I never tire of taking photos. Firstly photography is all about TIME. Yes the time it takes to take a picture is just a fraction of a second, the time it takes to have a passing thought that's all. Unlike most thoughts, the photograph remains like a memory no one has, it is really the memory of a machine, a recording of an image of light on a surface. So why are photographs so fascinating? Partly perhaps because they fix time and place in the form of a flat rectangle, like a painting in a frame but somehow we can believe a photograph is more real. We say "that is you when you were ten" or "there we are in Paris - remember?". Sometimes they trigger memories we would rather forget, of people we used to know or of unhappy times perhaps. Sometimes the photograph is only a memory unto itself - like the large old yellowed portrait of a small boy I found in a junk shop, late 1800s - probably now absent from anyone's memory as a person but I have his photograph on my wall. So memory is also about TIME - our personal time and stories about ourselves. Photography is all of this and more!